]a[ Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
Studioleitung: Wolfgang Tschapeller/ Werner Skvara

For this project I studied an orchid called Psychopsis Kalihi concerning its shape, geometry, material attributes and colors. I have chosen the back part of the petal leave of the orchid, because it offers a huge space, which you do not recognize at first. A high space, which gives you the feeling of being save and protected by the other parts of the blossom although the space is completely open. My starting point is our physical model, where I deform the wires by their length and by their position to create a new surface. I´m working with a double surface keeping the original one and creating a new surface above it to provide a new space in between. Therefore I am getting a very high and narrow space, which is able to offer different conditions concerning light and shadow created by several openings. My project provides a space to walk through experiencing the atmosphere of a narrow and extreme high space. Through a continuous path you are lead up the construction on the one hand to a closed, small space and on the other hand to an opened viewing platform. It is about the alteration from public to private, from light to shadow and from outside to inside.